What is metadopt

A Web 3.0 company creating innovative technology, all the while raising life-changing funds through collections of unique, one-of-a-kind NFT’s based on real animals, benefiting animal conservation foundations and rescue efforts around the globe.

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Avatar Builder

Are you ready to customize your own NFT?

We’re on a mission to be the first to give you the freedom of expression in Web3. We want everyone to have the ability to personalize and mint their NFT how they want, and make changes when they want!

Jungle Pass

The ultimate Metadopt VIP pass with benefits now, and forever.

The community who supports us early will be rewarded with first access to new software, automatic WL to all future collections and projects, discounts on merch, metaverse experiences, giveaways and more.

Sloth Collection

Metadopt xSloCo

For our first animal, we’re honored to be partnered with The Sloth Conservation Foundation ( SloCo ) in Costa Rica. Based on real life sloths, customize the sloth how you want, and mint on our exclusive Avatar Builder Beta.
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