Developing new software is quite the adventure and we’d like you to be a part of it. Let us take you on that journey.
Core Team

Build a solid team with leading artists, product, UX design and development.

Partner with the Sloth Conservation Foundation.


Build a solid community of like-minded people who are interested in both NFTs and supporting good causes.

Advertising and marketing campaigns.

Ideate, conceptualize and strategize roadmap, concept designs and functionality.

Jungle Pass (555 NFTs)

Includes first access to the Avatar Builder Beta to customize and mint two free Sloth NFTs

Automatic WL access to all future mints

1 entry for Costa Rica Holiday Giveaway*

Future benefits, include software first access, merch discounts, metaverse experiences, event access, giveaways, airdrops, and more

Avatar Builder Beta Release

Connect your wallet, choose a sloth and customize your own NFT

First access to the Jungle Pass holders, followed by early adopters, then public

Thousands of unique combinations from a large range of accessories, rarities and traits

Chance to mint a super rare 1/1 on connecting your wallet!

Sloth Collection (5678 NFTs)


Customize and mint your Sloth on the Avatar Builder Beta

1 mint per transaction (unlimited mints per wallet)

1 entry for Costa Rica Holiday Giveaway*

Future benefits, include merch discounts, metaverse experiences, giveaways, airdrops, and more

Donation & Giveaways

Donate 20% of all Sloth NFTs to SloCo

Costa Rica Holiday Giveaway

FREE Costa Rica holiday for 4 nights. Includes round trip flights, and accommodation, for 2 people. Terms & Conditions  apply.

$JNGL Staking

Staking dashboard and tokenomics are completed

Begin to stake your Jungle Pass and Sloth to earn $JNGL

Next Animal

Community vote on another endangered animal to mint and a conservation to support

Avatar Builder Launchpad

Software solution open to any NFT project to use the Avatar Builder for their own collections, including Admin dashboard to upload their NFT assets and accessories, manage sales, and more

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