Jungle Pass

Be the first to join us on our journey to unlock the freedom of expression in Web3. Jungle Pass holders are the OGs of Metadopt and will receive various benefits, including a free sloth NFT mint.



Jungle Passes

Jungle Pass NFT Utility

Jungle Pass NFT Utility

  • Beta test the builder and provide valuable feedback for the best mint day experience

  • 2 Free sloth mints

  • First access to create your sloth NFTs

  • Exclusive, Jungle Pass-only traits

JungleDAO & Revenue Sharing

  • In JungleDAO, holders can propose & vote on key directions for animal philanthropy & product development

  • Jungle Pass holders will benefit through revenue sharing, and earning, from NFT projects who launch on our Launchpad.

  • Jungle Pass NFT holders will benefit from early access to future mints by Metadopt and others on the Avatar Builder launchpad

Staking & Quests

  • Passively stake for $JNGL emissions

  • Send your Jungle Pass into the Jungle, on a longer journey, and come back with a chest full of goods

  • $JNGL is the main currency to interact with all products in the Metadopt ecosystem

  • The Jungle Pass acts as a “power up” on your adventures into the Jungle

This is only the beginning

As we continue to grow, we’ll find more ways to reward our Jungle Pass holders that will go above and beyond your expectations. Everything is on the table when it comes to our earliest adopters, and stakeholders. Thank you for joining us on this journey to unlock true Freedom of Expression in Web3.

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