Avatar Builder

Express yourself through NFTs. We love our Web3 identities, repping our favorite community and art. But, we don’t get to decide what our NFTs look like.
The design, UI, experience, assets, and all are subject to change.

Something for everyone

Get access to hundreds of traits and personalize your NFT through hoodies, glasses, pins, rare artist picks, and much more.

Experience the freedom of expression in NFTs like never before

Mint and share!

Now that you’ve created your masterpiece, it’s time to mint and share with the world!


The game changer! Metadopt will release the Avatar Builder as a launchpad for other NFT projects to launch their own collections.

With access to their own dashboard, they’ll be able to upload characters, accessories, traits and more; and utilize tools to fully curate their own unique NFT launch.
Coming in Q3 2022!


The future possibilities for the Avatar Builder are unlimited.

After we show off our builder's capabilities with the sloth collection mint, we'll continue to develop! Our mid-term plans for the builder consist of a launchpad, cross chain compatibility, editing your NFTs and more!
We're going to bring the sloths into the metaverse with 3D assets! There's even more in store here, but we'll have more details as we get closer.
We will always look for opportunities to align ourselves with strategic partners that will enable us to reach more people in our vision to unlock the freedom of expression..

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